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Statisticus, Database beheerder, Account Manager, Management Consultant, Salarisadministrateur
In overleg
opdracht in: Financiele dienstverlening, Informatietechnologie, Commercie, Management en Consultancy

01-09-1978 t/m 30-06-1981 Klinische Scheikunde
01-09-1981 t/m 30-06-1982 Informatica/Boekhouden
01-09-1983 t/m 30-06-1984 Geagrregeerde voor het Secundair onderwijs

Language skills

• Dutch – Native Language
• English – Excellent (spoken and written)
• French – Good (spoken) Moderate (written)
• German – Basic Knowledge

Computer Skills

MS office products

• MS Word – very good
• MS Excel – very good
• MS PowerPoint – very good
• MS Outlook – very good
• MS Project – good
• MS Publisher – good
• MS FrontPage – good
• Windows NT4 as an advanced user and basic administration
• Windows 2000 as an advanced user

Lotus Notes Clients
Internet products
Visual Personnel (HR Software)
Accountancy Software: Popsy for Windows
Various on line banking software (Isabel …)

periode:11-01-1996 t/m 25-03-2001
functie:General Manager
bedrijf:SMP NV then acquired by Fox IT NV
omschrijving:When I started with this small company I was responsible for the overall
office administration. Accounts, HR administration, payments, purchases …
SMP was running a helpdesk for Eli Lily (Benelux and Scandinavia) with 4
engineers and a helpdesk coordinator. In September 1996 I was involved in the
coordination of the quotations and purchase process for Eli Lily of PC’s and
pc accessories. I have been running this for a couple of months remotely from

Apart from the office administration I also acted as the PA of our Managing
Director. I handled all his administration.

Also in September 1996, the UK part of SMP started to grow immensely and the
management spent a lot of time in the UK. I started to take over some of the
management responsibilities in the Belgian office.

I started to grow the business with projects and outsourcing. I have been
active in Service Management and Sales with Account management. I brought
major customers into the company such as Interbrew and 3M.
As the business grew we needed more staff and I became responsible for the
full HR process.

• Define the needs together with the technical manager or relevant people
• Define the job descriptions
• Define the profiles
• Recruitment via divers channels (adverts, head-hunters, …)
• Schedule all interviews with the people involved
• Interviews of the candidates
• Evaluation of candidates
• Define candidates
• Produce job offer
• Hiring
• Coaching

I developed a review process for all functions, based on a Job Plan and Review

On a regular basis we had colleagues from our UK office working in Belgium for
several months. I completely organized their relocation.

I implemented Visual Personnel as an administrative tool for human resources
in Belgium and the UK.

In 1999 I made the business profitable. The fourth quarter of 1999 I spent a
lot of time in the UK to perform some of the tasks of the finance director who
has left.

Reason for leaving: Due to the acquisition December 1999 of SMP by Fox IT the
company ended up in a very unstable financial situation.

periode:11-06-1984 t/m 06-01-1996
functie:IT Manager
bedrijf:Hobo Faam Belgie
omschrijving:Hobo Faam is an administrative company. They had an internal IT
running a Wang VS system.
I started as a COBOL programmer. I developed several software programs to run
the orders, the stock, the invoicing system, and administrative solutions…
After 2 years I became the IT manager as the previous one left the company.
We implemented a 4th generation database (PACE) on the Wang VS System to run
the accountancy system, stock, invoicing, payments…
• Operator (printers, Disks, Tapes)
• Database administrator (PACE)
• COBOL programming
• Database Development

Implementation of a stock system with barcode and tills at the customers. I
also trained the customers in Windows and the new software.
Courses: PACE full course, development, implementation and administration
(1986 at Wang)

Reason for leaving: No more challenges, wanted to leave the technical world.