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Java/J2EE/Oracle ontwikkelaar
Java/J2EE/)racle opdracht

1990 University of Novi Sad, Dept. for Electric Engineering, Yugoslavia, Bachelor's Degree
I have received BS in electronics and telecommunications from Univ. of Novi Sad with graduation work in fiber optic systems and optical sensors.
Postgraduate studies in signal processing, audio/video compression and signal encryption.

Java SE/EE, JSF, JSP, Spring, Maven, Ant, SVN CVS, Struts, portlets, Ajax, Oracle DBMS, PL/SQL, RAC, oracle Streams, Unix, Windows

Languages: English (fluent), Dutch (fluent)
Java SE/EE (Beans, JSP, Servlets, JMS), OOAD, UML, RUP, AOP/AspectJ
* Maven, Subversion, XDoclet , Ant, JUnit
* Spring (security, webflow), Hibernate, Lucene, SOLR
* Eclipse, NetBeans, WSAD, IntelliJ, JDeveloper, Sparx Enterprise Architect, RAD
* WS AS 5/6/7, Oracle AS, WebLogic 8, JBoss, Tomcat, Resin, Apache WebServer, MQ series
* JBoss Portal, Gridsphere Portal, JetSpeed
* SOA, WebServices
* MyFaces (Trinidad), ADF, ZK, RichFaces, Struts, JSP
* Codehaus Mule ESB,
Oracle (versions 8 to 11), PL/SQL, MySQL, Postgres, DB2
* Oracle RAC, SQLLDR, SQLPLUS, Enterprise Manager,
* Performance tuning, PL/SQL application development,
* Partitioning, schema design
* Oracle replication (streams, AQ)
* Quest Toad, RMAN
* Currently preparing OCA exam
* Custom ETL
Operating systems
* Solaris 8, Linux (RedHat/SuSE), Windows
* VMWare, VirtualBox infrastructure
* RedHat ES4/5, Ubuntu
Network protocols
* multicast over public IP, Akamai, SSL acceleration, HTTP compression, TIBCO SmartSockets, PGM reliable multicast, Talarian
XML, XML Schema, XSL(T)
* Apache XML (Xerces, Xalan, Cocoon, etc) /Jakarta (James, Commons, Struts, Tiles, etc)

Working Experience
Period: February 2011 - April 2013
Company GXS EMEA, Americas
Job Title: Senior SW Engineer
During GXS engagement, I covered broad range of responsibilities reporting to the strategic custom application director. Working environment is global organization, activities are executed mostly remote and with people from the Netherlands, UK, Germanu, Italy, Philippines, India, US and Canada.. Principal responsibilities:
-Maintenance and rewrite of approximately dozen of EMEA applications, ranging from chain supply management applications to the dedicated applications for secure communications within the government domain. Technologies mostly J2EE, JPA, EJB, RichFaces 4, OpenFaces 3, Seam 2.3, JBoss AS7, but also, shell scripting, Perl, C, Oracle batch processing, Siteminder, etc. Featuring deployment of RichFaces with OpenFaces, graph support.
-Maintenance, change requests, architectural review for several key custom application for GXS America clients. These complex applications implement automotive lease operations for two Canadian and one US banks. Technology stack based on J2EE/Struts, PL/SQL, JavaScript, Siteminder.
-Knowledge migration and setup for the India development team, redesign of the development environment for America projects, extensive remote training given to the colleagues of the India dev team and recommendations on best team practices.
-Emergency production defect resolution for applications listed above and those outside my direct domain, also for several Asia-Pacific applications.
-Introduction of JBoss technology stack in the organization through rewrite of an existing SCM application within the EMEA domain
-Release management, application deployment, performance troubleshooting, refactoring, emergency production fixes

Period: November 2010 - February 2011
Company ING Direct
Job Title: Middleware Specialist
With the ING Direct, I am responsible for determining the security risks and solutions for new ING Direct data centre. Main focus of attention is on the JBoss EAP, Apache web server and Tomcat servlet container, in conjunction with the RedHat EL 5.5 and Oracle 10 DBMS.
My deliverables are security and operational guidelines for the administrators of the ING Direct data centre.

Period: November 2009 - November 2010
Company AT&T EMEA
Job Title: Senior SW Engineer
Working on AT&T EMEA business process Web applications, with JBoss 5, Seam, Oracle as key components. Work is organized within small and agile team, where clear communication and quality are key prerequisites and objectives. I am co-responsible for improving of internal processes of EMEA AT&T software development team, by introducing (among others) Bugzilla/Jira issue management system, version control system (SVN), continuous integration (Hudson), deployment and management of JBoss servers and Oracle DBA tasks. I have participated in development of following applications:
-Billing File Generator (BFG) web application is replacement for the obsolete client-server application. I am responsible for implementation of business logic and front end components using JBoss, Seam, Oracle 10, JPA, EJB3, RichFaces and Maven, Oracle and Java code performance tuning /optimization.
-Access Order Specification Tracking and Execution (AOSTE): I am responsible for WebService (JAXWS) implementation, developing business logic components, Hibernate Search, asynchronous task execution.
-Consolidated Statement Service, another JBoss/Seam application, integrated with legacy web application (Spring, JAXB, iBatis): besides implementation within Seam framework I am responsible for data migration between different versions of Oracle data model and conversion of Oracle data to HSQLDB (development database).
-Maintenance of existing applications based on home-grown Web framework using Ant, JAXB, iBatis, among other in scope of Java 6/JBoss 5 migration.

Period: June 2008 - November 2009
Company: private project
Job title: Senior Software Engineer
Currently working on following projects:
* Web application for pharmaceutical process support. Technology stack: ZK, Spring JSF integration, MyFaces Trinidad, Spring security, MVC, Integration, Oracle 11 DBMS, Hibernate, Lucene, JBoss.
* Database/Oracle management application. Technology stack: XUL, SWF, Swing, Spring, Hibernate
* Technology evaluation of existing GIS system for potential customer in Serbia, including technical/business analysis and consulting.

Period: November 2008 - June 2009
Company: Hinttech - via FreeIT (freelance)
Job title: Senior Software Engineer
This assignment is aimed at re-designing the IT infrastructure of an post delivery company in the Netherlands. At current stage of this project, I am responsible for defining SOA transition strategy and assure SOA adoption within customer organization and Hinttech.
Next to above, I am developing basis for reusable application templates, based on Maven archetype for web applications (JSF/RichFaces with Flex support, Spring, Hibernate) and based on this archetype development of small charting web application. This application includes Adobe Flex frontend, Java backend, BlazeDS integration, Postgres database, JBoss, Tomcat.
Period: February 2008 - June 2009
Company: De Telefoongids - via FreeIT (freelance)
Job title: Senior Software Engineer
Within this assignment I am fulfilling the role of Oracle DBA and Java developer.
As Oracle DBA, I am responsible for:
* Development of complex data import (IMEX) process (PL/SQL application, Unix shell script) on staging database,
* Production database performance tuning, application specific schema rollout
* Incremental replication using Oracle Streams between staging and production databases,
* Migration to Oracle RAC environment, including rollout of development and production RAC schemas for data import and production data
* Documenting Oracle DB and related processes (data import and validation, data rollout to production database).
* Management of different variants of Oracle/shell script code under Maven build framework.
As Java developer, I am responsible for:
* Development of Java data access components (Spring remoting, Hibernate)
* Development of SOLR based data indexer for full and incremental updates
Period: February 2006 - Febuary 2008
Company: ITSec Professional Services
Job title: Senior Software Engineer
ITSec PS is small organization of IT professionals, which offers on site support to their customers (detachering). Most of the time I'm acting standalone within the customer organization.
Assignments in reverse time order:
* (Government) For one government agency, as project lead I am developing workflow/groupware Web portal application; used components include Mule ESB, Gridsphere portlet container, JSF/ADF, Hibernate, JBoss/Tomcat deployment, Eclipse.
* (Wincor-Nixdorf/ING) Setting up local development environment and developing local knowledge base, focused on J2EE-based ATM solution; responsibilities include:
* Building EJB-based components and JCA-connectors to backoffice systems (ING IFSA bus),
* Installing and management of Oracle database within VMWare infrastructure for development/acceptation/production systems
* JBoss/ Websphere/MQSeries application server deployment within VMWare infrastructure
* Development of J2EE bank host simulator using Spring, MQSeries/Codehaus Mule, EJB's, Maven, XDoclet for deployment on JBoss and WebSphere application servers.
* (BellID) Maintenance and bug fixing on one of their projects (card management systems), with use of Eclipse, Toad/Oracle, Tomcat, Jasper reports, Oracle BC4J/TopLink for government client.
* (Thomas Cook/Hinttech) Fast paced project regarding data model transformation, with data input via Web service, data mapping via XSLT/Java extensions, Spring, Hibernate, generics, Eclipse, Mule, JBoss jBMP. Also, acting as Oracle DBA responsible for development environment Oracle database
* (Siemens/ProRail) Development of configuration Web application for new information distribution system aimed for Dutch railways, with use of Oracle JDeveloper, Hibernate, Oracle DBMS, Oracle ADF/JSF and deployed on Oracle OC4J/Weblogic.
* (sales pitch/prototype) Design and implementation of portal application for traffic offence processing, including processing of JPEG2000 image format, with use of Gridsphere (open source version of WebSphere Portal), DWR/Ajax, JSF/NetUI tags, Hibernate and Oracle DBMS, deployed on Tomcat/WebLogic. As sole developer, I am responsible for entire application stack.
* (proof of concept/prototype) Design and implementation of micropayment integration platform, with use of Oracle DBMS, J2SE, Hibernate, JSF/ADF, JDeveloper/ Netbeans. As sole developer, I am responsible for entire application stack.
Period: July 2005 - February 2006
Company: Siebel Systems (eDocs)
Job title: Senior Consultant
With Siebel, I am working on developing new and maintaining existing functionality of reporting Web application for major Dutch telecom provider. Technologies include Oracle DBMS, PL/SQL, Java SE/EE, Struts, Tiles, Velocity, Hibernate, Unix shell scripts.
The Web application is relying on large Oracle data warehouse for with call records. My responsibilities include data import and validation, database partitioning, database schema development and query optimization.
Period: August 2004 - Juli 2005
Company: Expresso Paper Platform
Job title: Senior Software Engineer
At Expresso, I am responsible for:
* Maintenance and development of the platform. Core platform technologies are provided by Sun (iPlanet Application Server 6.5, iPlanet Mail Server 5, ECX 3.2.6, customized iPlanet Market Maker, Oracle 8.1.7) running on clustered Solaris 8 machines (Netra T1, 280R and V880). Maintenance is related mostly on Web interface and database optimization. Development is related to extending platform functionality (application server/iMM code/database). Operational tasks include Oracle backups, performance tuning.
* Redesign of the Expresso platform and code migration to support new core technologies (Sun Application Server 8/JES). The objective of redesign is reduction of operational costs (hardware and software maintenance, hosting, other company liabilities), through streamlining the platform around fewer machines (Sun V890) and using the new Solaris 10 OS. Tasks include developing application/database model.
* In parallel with previous item, I am also responsible for determining technological compatibility with potential business partners of Expresso. The objective of this activity is to provide company management and potential partners with sufficient level of information about Expresso platform and to produce recommendations for further actions.
* Design and implementation of Expresso functional monitor (FM). This application monitors the SMTP messaging functionality of the Expresso platform. The FM is J2EE (EJB/JSP) application, using Apache Jakarta, James, Java Mail, JMS, Struts, Tiles, XML/XSL and Oracle DBMS. The purpose of the application is to monitor the availability of Expresso services and to provide early warning of errors in platform operation. The FM application is designed and implemented using adapted RUP methodology.
Period: March 2003 - August 2004
Company: Accenture Technology Solutions, Almere
Job title: Architect - Sysytem Analist
Nominal responsibilities for this position include team leadership, architectural tasks. In this position, I was responsible for:
* Internet performance improvement study as project lead. The focus of the study is on HTTP compression, SSL acceleration, Web caching and application architecture guidelines. The objective of the study is to help client make decisions regarding the future Internet related infrastructure improvements.
* Electronic ticket purchase system design and implementation for Dutch air carrier (KLM). Component is implementation of backend data system, using Oracle database and Accenture GRNDS framework. Technologies involved include J2EE (JSP/EJB), Oracle, Castor based ETL and WebSphere. Tasks include defining and deploying local Oracle database cache, ETL synchronization with source Oracle database and Java service layer for data access.
* Interim coordination of data warehouse activities in Shell eCards. The target system is large Oracle based warehouse for Shell fuel transactions. Activities include communication with internal and external clients, Oracle performance tuning (query optimization, data partitioning), data modelling, ETL, etc. Also, extending the existing Web application functionality, using JSP, JDO, Eclipse and Oracle DBMS.
* As team member, I am responsible for DBA support for large migration of customer data for leading energy provider in the Netherlands. Data migration is from SAP to Siebel CRM. Technologies included are Siebel ETL tools, PL/SQL, Oracle, HP Unix shell scripting. Within this project I am also responsible for data migration audit, PL/SQL development, performance tuning and shell scripting.
Period: December 2001 - March 2003
Company: Market XS, Schiphol Oost
Job title: Senior SW Engineer
In this position, I was responsible for:
* High availability/streaming messaging solution, based on combination of reliable multicast (PGM, TRAM) and TCP/IP protocol,
* Design & implementation of service monitoring system using JMS and reliable multicast, using OpenJMS and self built Java server.
* Design & implementation of SOAP-RPC server for supplying financial information, based on WebLogic application server, JSP/Windows MFC based client.
* Design of EJB based user management and access control components as part of financial data delivery platform. Technologies include JBoss AS, Oracle DBMS, PKI infrastructure.
Period: May 2001 - December 2001
Company: Blueprint, Amstelveen
Job title: Senior SW Engineer
My responsibilities include:
* System analysis of GPRS billing system. Main topics of analysis were Portal Infranet billing system, provisioning data to GPRS/GSM network and integration with existing GSM billing system.
* CDR/log parsing utility design and implementation. This Java design enables parsing arbitrary CDR/log to XML, processing XML from multiple data sources with intermediate storage features and session monitoring, error handling and provisioning data to other systems.
* IP based billing service architecture. This design provides set of billing related interfaces and is implemented upon Portal Infranet billing system. Design involves EJBs, servlets, authentication via Portal Infranet, Inprise Application Server and Oracle DBMS.
* Mentoring and training in Java/UML/OOAD. Training topics cover basic concepts of OOAD, UML with Rational Rose/Together J, Java Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition, servlets/JSP, XML and related technologies and CORBA and distributed systems.
* GPRS starter kit design and implementation. This design implemented in Visual C++ and C for Palm OS provides for delivering GPRS connection data to Palm handhelds. Design includes DLL and uses Win32 API and DLLs provided with Palm HotSync.
Period: June 2000 - May 2001
Company: ATOBE BV, Haarlem
Job title: Platform Architect
* XML/Web component model. This design enables applications to be composed from basic data access and data processing components. Application composition is defined as XML structure, which is parsed and instantiated on the server side. Data access components provide access to HTTP(S), FTP, and database and file servers. Data processing components are deployable as XSL or Perl scripts.
* Requirement analysis and design of backbone CORBA/EJB architecture. Design defines infrastructure required for set of data access, processing, profiling and other services. Main points of attention are high availability, redundancy and scalability within diversified distributed network.
* Publishing system design. This design is based on Apache Cocoon XML publishing design. Design extends basic publishing system with additional data access capabilities (HTTP, FTP). Deployment includes Tomcat servlet container, Resin Web server and Inprise Application Server.
Period: February 1999 - June 2000
Company: Mindport BV, Hoofddorp
Job title: Research SW Engineer
* Design and implementation of digital set top box. As member of design team, I was responsible for analysis, design and implementation of resource handling, storage and profiling subsystems for digital set top box. This Java design was based on DAVIC/DVB specifications. During initial phases of the projects, I was responsible for rapid prototyping and proof of concept implementation.
* MP3/MPEG2 content scrambling algorithms and micro payment system. This project was aimed at secure content delivery over Internet using wideband scrambling algorithms and processing micro payments over Internet. Scrambling algorithm development required MATLAB/C++ simulation and signal processing skills. Payment aspect of design included authentication and key generation using EJB components.
* Multicast IP content delivery solution. This design, based on subscription model, aimed at multicast content delivery for later viewing. As member of a team, I was responsible for IP and storage requirement analysis and client Java implementation.
Period: September 1997 - February 1999
Company: TV Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
Job title: Chief Maintenance Engineer
* Maintenance of digital video processing equipment (Pinnacle)
* Hardware/software design of digital video overlay and synchronization system. This design is based on Texas Instrument 'C30 DSP, with software written in DSP assembler, C and Visual C++.
* During this period, I have also maintained my participation in several projects at the University of Novi Sad.
Period: June 1990 - September 1997
Company: University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
Job title: Teaching & Research Assistant
* Control system designs for industrial applications. I have participated in various analogue and digital control systems, during system modelling & simulation and hardware and software development. Software development included programming in C, C++, Pascal and assembler.
* Fibre optic transmission and sensor systems. As research assistant, I have participated in several designs of analogue and digital fibre optic transmission systems, as well as in fibre optic sensor research.
* Voice and image processing and enhancement. As research assistant, I have participated in voice and image compression and image enhancement projects. Related skills include signal processing theory, MATLAB and programming in Pascal and C(++).
* As teaching assistant, I was giving lessons in digital electronics, digital processing system design and analogue electronics courses.